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Abyssal Reef LE
2018-01-08 7:30.45
At first everything at the start seems like coincidence, but bare with me.

Keep in mind the entire game Blood never scouts a single time, and blind counters my two base all in in the process.

5:45 - Sends roaches to attack marine drop in fog of war, then suddenly retreats back to third when my drop is picked up and moved elsewhere without his vision.

6:20 - Makes ravagers against a two base all in including tanks that he has no idea is coming, continues to make units and no drones in prep for attack.

7:33 - Sends a roach to natural including a few hydralisks to defend a drop he never saw. Sends rest of army to defend another drop going to third he never had vision of.

7:45 - Moves camera to natural preemptively to defend drop seconds before he has vision of the drop.

The first few things he did may seem like coincidence, but I'm pretty sure the blind counter to the drops he never saw coming pretty much seals the deal.