Download the replay and indicate whether the specified player is innocent or guilty.
Echo LE (Void)
Could be wrong on maphack, but he is definitely using an Auto Inject... He tried to hide it, but it came out obvious in the late game.

1:48, he clicks on drones to get ready to send to natural to help kill lings inbound, never finished to get speedling or baneling nest. So pretty much, uses extractor inefficiently until after he saw lings.
2:09, makes spine crawler and multiple queens without seeing ling rush/pressure.
3:23, never makes defensive banelings incase I was all in?
7:33, Here is where it get fishy, he sends multiple queens to inject 1 hatchery, never clicks on the queens...Watch that one, I watched it as slow as I could, and he never clicks on queens. auto inject hack maybe?
8:58, moves SOOOO fast to inject all hatcheries, he has to be using an auto inject hack.
9:50, looks at my natural in fog of war.
Sends 2 slow lings to attempt to kill my banelings in fog of war.
10:29, sens whole army to kill a 4th that he doesnt see.
11:12, Goes blind counter hydralisks to intercept my mutas, but never sees them coming.
He makes 14 hydralisks, for some reason?
12:20, auto injects again without clicking on queens. So fast???
Never makes a lurkers den??? Would of worked if I stayed ground only? but he never does.
Always intercepts my army...continues to attempt to kill a blind 4th.

Idk, maybe I am just bad at the game. but that is pretty obvious to me, at least the auto injects were obv