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At min 8.07: i go for a double drop and the guy click to kill it on the fog at min 8.12.
I changed the trajectory of my drops and the guy watch it at min 8.16. In the fog, he pan to see why i didnt go straight forward. I go back to the initial trajectory and he f2 his army into the drop at min 8.23 still without any information.

At min 9.25, i go push on his mate side and just before he watches his mate defenses and moves his phenix to help him. Still without any clue of what i doing and at a perfect timing. The' guy plays with 0 obs.

At min 11.51, his camery freeze and he ghost my double drop and try to catch it. He can see it at min 11.58 but he was following him in the fog before.

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