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- Does a horrible build (3rax in TvT), has awful macro, terrible composition

- (4:10) Sees my mine drop in the fog of war, walks ALL his marines out onto the map to snipe it

- (5:00) A minute later, walks ALL his marines out onto the map to snipe my mine drop again in a different location

- (10:50) Looks at my move-out in the fog of war

- (11:00) Suspicious army movement perfectly flanks me as I move out

- (12:00) Tries to doom drop my 3rd, pulls back medivacs before seeing anything more than 1 bunker 1 turret

- (12:00 - 15:00) Keeps a massive doom drop force waiting outside my main, obviously waiting for me to be out of position

- (15:00) looks into the fog of war without a scan

- (16:40) Seconds after I start BC production, throws down 4 starports. Also looks into fog of war without scanning.

- (16:50) looks at fog of war two more times

- (17:18) looks into the fog of war to see my drop, and immediately moves marines to intercept

Is llllllllllll hacking?

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