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I'm really cautious to not publically accuse my opponents of maphacking, but damn, this guy didn't even try to hide it. For people who don't want to watch the full replay, here's a list of obvious timings:
8:15 - he turns his stalkers around in the middle of the map to intercept my scouting marine on the top side of the map
9:20 - he sees my moveout through the fog of war and moves to intercept it
10:15 - he intercepts my drop without any vision
11:35 - he looks at my army composition through the fog of war
14:45 - he intercepts the marine poke at his 5th
16:15 - his army movement follows my push around the map
I did not include the slightly suspicious moves, like stalker positioning at the start, running from cyclone, intercepting marine tank push and following the banshee, because those could have been just luck (though I know now that they weren't).

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