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This guy hard counters my build and I'm like hacker, kind of jokingly. He says i have obs check replay so i go to check crazy thing is there realy is no obs. and also he repeatadly looks through fog. I go for inno's 1 base 3 rax+tank allin and he perfectly counters me with immortals+ batteries despite having no scouting the whole game.

Very strangely he looks through fog multiple times. He looks at my building locations, he looks at my army positioning. he seems to know what I'm doing yet doesn't even send a probe out early.

2:05 looks at my army no vision

2:08 looks at my main no vision\

2:30 looks at my army no vision

2:50 looks at my main no vision

3:16 anticipates my reaper jumping in and moves stalkers to intercept at the exact timing i go in to scout

3:53 send immortal to kill my reaper (this one is only strange because why would a player of 5k mmr level show me their tech so blatantly and intentionally?

4:02 looks at my army

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