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Played this guy back to back games. Was completely confused as to why and how he was constantly countering pushes. He tries to hide the map-hacking by dropping scans, but he scans on such random times and directly on top of my army in random positions with no scouting, sensor towers etc. Just randomly lands money-shot scans. Honestly if it wasn't for the constant money scans I would not have watched the replays with how many times he a-moves and loses all his tanks...

Didn't bother examining game 2 after confirming suspicions in game 1 but here's some timestamps:
1:10 - I scout after depot which is pretty early and not exactly normal at this mmr. Regardless, .2 seconds before my scout is revealed at his ramp, he's a-moving an SCV to intercept. No reason to do this, but not conclusive.

2:22 - Moves his reaper to prepare for mine just outside his natural's ramp. Again not conclusive but suspect.

6:39 - Randomly peeks into fog of war, directly on top of a liberator that left my natural about 5 seconds earlier. Pretty blatant.

7:27 - A-Moves into fog of war directly on top of my army. Pretty blatant.

stopped watching after 7:27 and didn't want to waste any more time.

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