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Extremely blatant, goes 2 marine first and clicks on my ov through fog of war, then runs back to kill a ling.

Doesn't scout for the entire game then makes 2 blind bunkers, blind banshee AND blindly pulls a bunch of workers to repair his bunkers BEFORE he even sees my roaches.

He then says he has played vs me and I always roach allin him, and says his name is Frost, whom I have never heard of. This was also the first game I played on this account today and I rarely roach allin. Very funny.

He then continues to not scout at all, and makes blind turrets and a blind thor vs muta tech he has not seen.

He tracks my mutas through fog of war to the south base with his units, then moves to intercept lings moving to his north base.

Extremely blatant, not much debate on this one I'm afraid.

Is llllllllllll hacking?

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